School of Music Research Seminar: Llewellyn Osbourne

Photograph of Master of Philosophy candidate Llewellyn Osbourne
Master of Philosophy Candidate Llewellyn Osbourne

Bridging the Gap Between Classical & Jazz Violin: Technical & Practical Considerations

Through practice-led research, a method is devised to help classically trained violinists transition into jazz improvisation. This method aims to provide intermediary steps between the disciplines through the extraction and utilization of Bachian motifs. These motifs are collected together in a compendium that articulates how they can be applied to any chord, as well as worked through any chord changes. The method includes the identification of what is here termed the “Positional Ambiguity Problem”. As the positions on the violin correspond to diatonic notes of the C Major scale, there is a level of ambiguity regarding the exact nature of a position on the violin when an isolated finger plays a note with an enharmonic equivalent. This positional ambiguity can result in confusion regarding fingering options when improvising through chords that fluctuate between flat and sharp. Possible solutions to the positional ambiguity problem are identified. These solutions are applied to the motifs in the compendium.

Llewellyn Osbourne is a Master of Philosophy candidate at the School of Music.

Limited places for the public. RSVP essential for the public. Places will be reserved for students who must attend as a part of a course

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