Performance development allowance frequently asked questions

What is the Performance Development Allowance?

The Performance Development Allowance (PDA) is an allowance of $1,421 per semester provided for each undergraduate student undertaking a performance unit. This allowance can be used to support one-on-one lessons with a teacher, or a range of other approved activites with performance and educational outcomes.

Honours and Postgraduate students majoring in Performance receive $2,131 PDA per semester. 

Am I eligible to receive one-to-one performance tuition?

Students enrolled in Music Performance 1 to 6 have the option, subject to entry by audition, to take one-to-one tuition supported through the PDA. 

Who can I study with?

A list of Performance Teaching Fellows approved to provide one-to-one instrumental or vocal lessons through the PDA system, is available in the above tabs. This list is regularly updated with biographies and contact details. To nominate a teacher who is not already listed, students should contact the School.

Can I stay with my current teacher?

Yes, if your current teacher is already an approved Performance Teaching Fellow. If not, you should contact the School. The University will contact teachers to discuss possible future arrangements

Can I choose my teacher?

All students who have successfully passed a performance audition will be asked to nominate their teacher(s) of choice. Approved Performance Teaching Fellows will have the opportunity to review the audition record of a student and are not obliged to take a student who wishes to study with them.

Can I study an instrument not listed?

In principle, yes. The University will work with students to seek out appropriate teachers. Should a qualified and approved teacher become available the university will discuss possible future arrangements.

Can I study two instruments/voice etc?

The School examines only one area per semester, as such, you will be examined on your nominated instrument / voice (genre specific). While it may be possible to invest your PDA in more than one area, it is highly recommended you focus your tuition to best prepare for your chosen performance direction.

Do I have to take 13 lessons?

No. Students can apply to utilise the PDA funding to achieve a number of educational outcomes. For students in Music Performance 1-4 students must allocate 80% of their PDA to one-to-one or group tuition with one or more teachers.  For students enrolled in Performance 5-6, Honours and Postgraduate coursework performance, the PDA funding can also be used to support attendance at a workshop, conference or summer school, to access specialised training in a piece of music software or hardware, to fund travel to a placement or internship out of Canberra, or to access individual extension in their instrument. All activity is subject to approval by the Performance Convenor.

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