Research Seminar: Dr Hariharan

Dr Hariharan

Music, Healing and Indian Classical Music

The present day bifurcation of South Indian (Carnatic) vs. North Indian (Hindustani) systems of Musical variation is quite new. South Indian Music has an untouched and the non-disbanded identity. The identity of the North Indian Hindustani system of music was completely changed due to invasions by the Persians and the Mughals into the Northern part of India. The entire structure of South Indian Music was based upon Oral Tradition which is otherwise known as the "Gurukula tradition" meaning learning from the revered feet of the Guru or Teacher under his/her personal care.

This tradition was in vogue till the 1940's. At this time Institutions propped up for imparting training in Music to aspiring students and both the Gurukula and Institutions stood side by side. After the 1980's the Gurukula system was sidelined and overtaken by the Institutions. Today there are not many Gurus who are integrated to the Gurukula system.

IN our contemporary society people around the world are focusing their attention for curing various ailments and illness more with the help of holistic approaches and Music has become an integral method for Healing. Indian Music is especially suited to this, and is used widely the world over, for healing and conserving energy in one’s body, mind and spirit. Healing with Indian Music is very popular through chanting, meditation, sacred sounds and listening to classical and traditional music in many foreign countries especially USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.


Dr.M.HARI HAAREN is the only Music Therapist and Music Healer from India. Is also a Vocal Performing Musician having trained from the age of 7 in both the systems of Indian Music ( North and South Indian Tradition). He holds a Ph.D in ethnomusicology from India and Hon. Ph.D from USA on Music Therapy. He has widely traveled and has attended many International Conferences in USA, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Germany,Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Singapore , Hong Kong and Malaysia. He has conducted more than 300 workshops and 200 Lectures on the Healing Powers of Indian Music Therapy, Chanting and Kirtan in several countries including USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Austria, Singapore, Seoul, Japan, Hong Kong. 

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