Research Seminar: Jos Mulder

Photo: Jos Mulder
Photo: Jos Mulder

Please join us in the Recording Studio, ANU School of Music (Building 100) at 3:30pm next Thursday (05 October) for the next Research Seminar of Semester 2!


Seminar: Chimaera

This seminar reports my OSP in the first semester of 2023. I will briefly talk about my ongoing research work in Europe (Orpheus institute Ghent, Leiden University and WHO). Main focus of the seminar will be my practice lead research into the relation of loudspeakers and amplified sources. Using the Disklavier in the SOM recording studio I began work on a new piece called Chimaera. This is work is informed by earlier work, Stocketus from 2017/18 (a commission from ensemble decibel new music). Whilst that earlier output was an ensemble-work the current work is for Disklavier, microphone, loudspeaker and signal processing. Using a variety of delay times the work tries to find audible Chimaera (a mythological animal composed of parts of different animals). In psychoacoustic research the term was introduced by Albert Bregman to describe anomalies in our auditory processing that result in the experience of sounds that ‘aren’t there’.

The work is further inspired by Amit Pinchevski’s recent book Echo which revolves around the novel thesis that considers echoes not just as repetition but as a departure point for creation.


Jos Mulder is a passionate sound technologist, researcher and educator. Music is the gist in his broad education and professional experience. Initially trained as a Tonmeister, with a minor in Jazz-piano) he specialised in live sound working internationally with top performers from different traditions, with a focus on contemporary electroacoustic music. In addition to music and technology skills he developed an interest in the wider organisational, socio-cultural and historical aspects of the use of electronic amplification in the performance arts. A Master’s degree in Arts Management and Administration (2008) and a PhD (2013) looked at bridging the gap between technology, its creative use and broader discussions of the performance arts and society. Since 2020 he is employed at the ANU School of Music.



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